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I’m Pregnant!

Keith and are expecting baby number 1 this November. Our official due date is November 7, 2013. We feel so thankful. This baby is a blessing to us and even though we are both still scared we are taking it day by day and trying to think as positive as we can. God willing the third time will be our charm. 


The Announcement

The Story 

16 weeks: How I’m Feeling

17 weeks: The Cravings! 

Gender Reveal

Bella & Baby

Babymoon Sucess in Maui

Unanswered Prayers

State of Marriage

Third Trimester

30 Weeks: Updates

Pregnancy Favorites

Baby Shower: 34 weeks

Nursery Photos! 

35 and 36 Weeks! 

38 Weeks! 

Trey’s Birth Story (38 weeks 3 days!)

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