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weekending II

April 7, 2014

If there was ever any doubt about how I spend my weekends….it is all about Trey. I feel like I see him so little during the week that I play catch up on the weekends.

Baby Trey you are the light of my life!


5 months

March 28, 2014

Trey is 5 months old!


I swear time goes by so fast! Everyone warned me but sheesh…I can not believe it’s already been five months. Crazy! I also can’t believe how much he changes from month to month. I don’t notice it while it’s happening because I see him everyday but when I look at a collage like this it blows me away!



  • Sucking on his fingers
  • Sitting Up
  • Bath time
  • The Stroller (FINALLY)
  • Grabbing things (anything)
  • Elmo
  • Mirrors
  • His activity play center
  • Holding blankets (my mom calls him a little Linus)
  • Being outside

This past month has been my favorite so far. He is much more interactive than ever before. He recognizes me and Keith and smiles at us when he sees us or thinks we’re being funny. He also realizes he can make sounds and when he figures out how to make a new one he does it over and over and over. He also loves (and I mean loves) mirrors. He makes the greatest expressions when looking at himself. I could just watch him for hours.

I just love our little boy so much and can not even begin to express how blessed I feel. Happy 5 months Baby Trey!



March 25, 2014

Today is Keith’s birthday!!

I love birthdays. I love celebrating birthdays. In fact I define time not in terms of the calendar years but by my age…hence birthday years! Who doesn’t love a birthday?!?

Check this picture out of me and Keith 10 years ago when we were first dating. Such babies we were!


I can’t believe we are celebrating our 10th birthday together. Time flies. I love him more today than I did in this picture and at the time this picture was taken that was unfathomable.

So many people hate birthdays and that makes me sad. A birthday doesn’t have to mean just getting older. It can mean you made it another year! Think about the joy that that year brought! A birthday means you experienced more, you loved more, you grew. A birthday means that in a world of uncertainty you get to wake up and have the people who love you celebrate you and your life.

So today I celebrate Keith. The man who makes my life better and whom I could not live without. He’s the best husband, father, and person I know.

Happy Birthday Baby. I love you.




March 21, 2014

I loved the “what” post that Caitlin did a few weeks ago so I thought I would do it too.

What I’m Wearing:

I feel like I am one of those people who either looks put together or looks like a complete slob. Picture below (obviously the one on the left was taken pre-hair cut a couple of weeks ago) I am in my work clothes (jean dress from Old Navy and boots from Nordstom) and then on the right is me at home completely not matching in my boxers and beloved red sweater that my husband hates with a passion. Clearly I need to find some middle ground. Ha!


What I’m Loving:

Face Time! Like I’ve told you guys, I leave for work before Trey wakes up so Keith Face Times every morning usually around 7:45 after our morning announcements. The kids love it! When the phone rings they all start whispering, “Baby Trey is calling!” It’s cute and I always let the kids say hi. The whole call lasts maybe 5 minutes but it is the best thing getting to see my little man in the morning even if it is over a screen.


What I’m Eating:

This was a random day of eats one day earlier this week. Obviously not in order either. Heh, I was too lazy to fix the picture.  Salad beast for lunch with chicken and olive oil and red wine vinegar for my dressing, breakfast was 2 eggs over easy on top of toast with strawberry jelly and coffee, snack was a flaxseed paleo muffin (I posted the recipe on Instagram) and an almond butter pack (am I the only one who just squeezes those into my mouth?? So good!) And Dinner…well no dinner picture happened. I blame it on the fact that usually dinner is made and eaten with one hand while I hold Trey. Hence no hands for a picture.


What I’m Needing:

A vacation. Preferably one that includes a bathing suit and a beach. We are taking Trey to the beach for the first time this summer and I can not wait! We are beach people in my house. Always have been. I love to be at the beach. I love the sound of the waves and their repetitive roll, I love the sound of the seagulls overhead, I love the smell of the salty damp air, and I love the feeling of the sand in my toes. I’m ready!

Me and Keith in Hawaii on our baby moon when I was 20 weeks pregnant. So I guess technically Trey has already been to the beach! 🙂


What I’m Going to Miss:

These snuggly moments where Trey falls asleep (milk drunk) in my arms. Time goes so fast (he will be 5 months next week!) and I know before I know it these moments will be gone. It already makes me sad. 😦


What I’m Reading:


One and Only by Lauren Sandler. I just ordered this. Here’s the synopsis I pulled off Amazon:

“A humorous, tough-minded, and honest case for being and having an only child . Journalist Lauren Sandler is an only child and the mother of one. After investigating what only children are really like and whether stopping at one child is an answer to reconciling motherhood and modernity, she learned a lot about herself—and a lot about our culture’s assumptions. She brings a passion and a laser-sharp intelligence to the subject that cuts through the anxiety, doubt, misinformation, and judgment about what it means to be an only child and what it means to have one. In this heartfelt work, Sandler legitimizes a conversation about the larger societal costs of having more than one. If parents no longer felt they had to have second children to keep from royally screwing up their first, would the majority of them still do it? And if the literature tells us that a child isn’t better off with a sibling than without one, and it’s not something parents truly want for themselves, then whom is this choice serving? One and Only examines these questions, exploring what the rise of the single-child family means for our economies, our environment, and our freedom. Through this journey, Sandler has quite possibly cracked the code of happiness, demonstrating that having just one may be the way to resolve our countless struggles with adulthood in the modern age.”

Here’s the thing: If Keith and I are going to have more children then we basically need to start trying again pretty soon. Keith is turning 44 this month and I’m turning 33 in April. I don’t feel my clock ticking but he feels like his is. He wants us to conceive before he turns 45. So that would mean sometime in this next year I need to get pregnant. That’s a big pill for me to swallow right now and after all the trouble we had conceiving with Trey ( took 3 years!) who knows if that is even possible. Ideally I’d like another child and we’ve decided to not start trying until October when Trey is 1. But you never know…so I’m reading this book. 🙂

What I’m Grateful For:

Them: Keith, Trey and Bella peeking in the background. 🙂


What I’m Moving: 

I did this workout the other morning. It was quick and effective. Give it a go.



Your turn! Any “whats” you’d like to share?

Happy (almost) Weekend!